Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform

New Loans Available!

$ 35,000.00- now on $Waves DEX
$ 65,000.00- now on $Waves DEX

The Solution for private investors

WavesLend is a platform that will allow users to invest in peer-to-peer loans focused purely on businesses in Europe (for now). Private investors' money will be 100% secured by the collatoral provided by the borrowering businesses.

The Waves Platform smart contracts will verify the rights to the interest and provide proof of the investment.

We provide interest rating of minimum 1% up to maximum 3% per month.
The interest rates paid out will be calculated on the average returns received on all loans given out.

The Solution for private investors

WavesLend allows businesses of all sizes to get affordable contracted loans. To be allowed a loan all applicants must have collatoral provided to support the debt.

Accepted collatoral can be, but not limited to; Real Estate, Office supply hardware, Tools and Machinery, etc.

Please contact us for more information and questions.



Waveslend is an upcoming peer-to-peer lending platform, giving businesses the opportunity to get an affordable credit line and private investors a stable and worthy return on their investments.

This website is temporary for information purposes only. Platform will be onlline soon and have full Waves Keeper browser extension wallet integration.



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